Military Order of World Wars

MOWW Emblem (Gold)The Military Order is a patriotic nonpartisan organization which holds that it is nobler to serve than to be served. The Order was established in 1919 to promote the welfare of our nation. Because it clearly is not a self-seeking organization, the Order is widely respected and listened to throughout all branches of the government and across the country. The Order provides an opportunity for officers of all of the uniformed services to unite in a strong program to promote national security, patriotism, good citizenship and service to country. The Order is comprised of over 150 chapters across the nation. In acknowledgment of the local chapter as the focal point for the work of the Order, the role of the elected staff and National Headquarters is one of support to the chapter. The chapters hold regular meetings to hear important speakers and to plan outreach programs in support of the Preamble of the Order. The MOWW promotes good citizenship, patriotic education, service to the nation, and strong national security through youth leadership conferences, support of Boy and Girl Scouts, recognition of outstanding ROTC and JROTC cadets, patriotic ceremonies such as massing of the colors, upholding law and order, establishment of memorials in remembrance of military services, and cultivation of military, naval, and air science.

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