Our Faculty

Since 1985, we have worked diligently to provide the most highly qualified faculty available for our students, ranging from an astronaut to a zoologist. Professionals at all levels, including school superintendents, judges, politicians, environmentalists, a U. S. White House briefer, military service members and government leaders have joined our efforts to enhance the leadership skills of our students and to expose them to the possibilities of their futures. In addition to the varied lecturers and Senior Staff, we utilize the talents and experiences of students who have completed our program and have been carefully selected to become a permanent part of the Foundation Staff. Our workday runs from 6:30am to 10:00pm each day. After our lectures (30-45 minutes each), students  are given time for further discussion. Inasmuch as interaction with role models is the key that unlocks the thinking process of these young adults, the goal of the discussion format is to give our future leaders a better understanding and appreciation of what makes the USA great and of its important role in world affairs. We emphasize to our students how very special they are as individuals.  The types of students we seek are those who have demonstrated leadership skills  in school, community and church activities, and who would benefit from the intensive training we offer. Many of our students are enrolled in Junior ROTC programs; however, military education is not part of our curriculum. Virtually all of our graduates go on to attend colleges, universities or one of our service academies.

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