About the Board of Trustees

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The governing body of the Youth Leadership Foundation, Inc. is the Board of Trustees and its Executive Board.

Foundation trustees are selected from people who have demonstrated a commitment to the Youth Leadership Foundation’s goals and objectives and  have become familiar with the Foundation and it operation. Any person expressing a desire to work on an official basis as a member of the Foundation may be nominated by any officer of the Foundation.

Trustee meetings are held at least once per year. The primary task of the Trustees is to monitor the financial status of the Foundation and vote on the recommendations of the Executive staff regarding curriculum, tuition, accreditation, expenditures, election of officers and other business decisions regarding the overall operation of the Foundation. Trustees come from such diverse backgrounds as the fields of education, military, business, governmental service and the judiciary.


LTC Henry A. Adams                        President

Col Mike Davis                                 Vice President

LtCol John E. Cahoon, Jr.                  Treasurer and Tallahassee Conference Director

Mrs. Katherine Adams                      Secretary

Mr. John Murphy                              Judge Advocate General (JAG)

Mrs. Ann Cahoon                             Member-at-large (Appointed)


LTC Currie Patton                                 Ms. Samantha Thoe                                    Mr. Rob Evers                        LTC David Mason

Maj Norman C. Boling, III                      Mr. Christopher Hector                              1/LT. Ron Ramsey                  LTC Steve Hodges

Mrs Lois Davis                                      LtCol Leslie P. Matheson                            Ms. Ashley Wronka                 Ms. Brittany Link

Mr. Phillip Imperial                                 MSgt Vicki Patterson                                Ms. Hayley Woods                 Lt Col Bob Russell                                 

Mrs. Ann Cahoon  (Member-at-Large, Executive Board)